We are proud of the fact that this software was made in Serbia. IST was completely designed and developed at the SORS, and the MS SQL server, in which lies the heart of our system - the IST metabase, is being developed in Belgrade, at the Microsoft Development Center Serbia.
Why Microsoft

IST has been fully developed on Microsoft development tools, on the .net technology and the IST metadata is on the MS SQL server. Other databases in the SORS are on the MS SQL Server, although the IST does not require that. We opted for the MS SQL Server because of its robustness - many functions that others have to develop themselves, we simply leave to the SQL server. Thus, the authentication and authorization are absolutely in the jurisdiction of Microsoft tools. The program uses Windows authentication. That is how it accesses the databases on the SQL server. It is not necessary to introduce rules for accessing some applications. The application set in the IST respects all roles, user accounts and their accesses to the tables of the appropriate database of the SQL server.
Also, the whole reporting system is based on Microsoft tools.

The simplest way to do reporting and BI

The IST forwards the txt file with an SQL query or procedure (the path is located in the IST metadata) to the appropriate server, i.e. the database located on it. The SQL server operates as requested from the forwarded txt file, and if it is also requested, returns some of the data to the IST program, which pairs it up with the appropriate header in Excel or XML format (the path to the header is also located in the IST metadata), and forms a report in Excel for the end user. In the SORS, Excel set itself apart as a format suited for work reports, because of its ease of use and flexibility. The IST program enables other output formats as well, one of which is XML.

Necessary foreknowledge for work

What is expected of the employees in the IT sector, that post applications on the IST system ("program" in the IST), is that they are completely data-oriented. The quality of the IST application used in the processing of statistical survey depends on how well the database, in the background of statistic survey, is designed and how well the queries and sql procedures are written.
What is expected of the employees in the statistic departments when it comes to informatics is the basic knowledge of Windows operating system. The program was written so that it is very user oriented and very intuitive.