Benefits of IST

For government
  1. IST is an example of how in-sourcing can drastically reduce the amount of budgetary funds previously required for buying specialized software
  2. IST can also be easily and efficiently implemented in other state institutions. In the SORS it is not only used for statistics, but also in the development of other necessary applications (all project management is handled using IST)
  3. A simple IT solution:
    1. A simple metabase that can be used by any state institution
    2. A single platform, a single program, a single metabase
  4. Uniformity and an unique approach to data development can result in better communication between government offices
  5. Simple education and application among IT experts
  • A single platform, a single program, a single metabase
  • A unique approach to research and a unique technology for research processing that can also be used to process any other kinds of data
  • Better coordination between SORS statistical departments
  • Reduction of operating expenses, an increase of results
  • Better and faster functioning of the statistical system
For statistical departments
  • Simplifying the job of the end-user (statistician)
  • Basic knowledge of Windows environment
  • no need for training on how to use the application tools
  • Increased independence from the IT sector, which gives the IT sector more time to further develop the systems
  • Flexibility of IT experts - everyone with an experience with IST can immediately join a different project and replace a colleague
For IT
  • A simple metabase (six tabels)
  • No further training required, just the knowledge of working with databases
  • Very easy on the programmers, can even be used without real programming (no need to write endless lines of code for data entry, control logic, tabling)
  • More time can be dedicated to the project's methodology
  • IT experts will easily and inconspicuously transfer from support roles to roles that are as equally important as any other in a team working on a project
  • More energy and effort dedicated to testing new IT solutions (migration to the web, web services, cloud computing, semantic web, big data, etc.)